Barbarossa Coffee Academy
Barbarossa Coffee Caffè Barbarossa
Barbarossa Coffee Caffè Barbarossa
  • You look at the coffee grinder and he start to roar at you? 
    Oooooh! I see a monster!

  • One espresso is creamy and the next one is watery! Why? 
    Because the "street wiseness" teach us that is better if you do not clean the coffee machines. In this way the coffee machines take the "coffee smell" and your espresso will be better!

  • So, as i understood, the best thing to do is "never clean the coffee machines" right?
    My Grandma was an Apple Pie world champion. Her precious secret? She never washed the pot where he was cooking the pie.


  • My cappuccino it looks like the bubble of a bath foam!
    What's wrong with bath foam? I like bubbles!

  • Today is a very sunny day? What's the perfect grind set for sunny days?
    If it's a sunny day, don't care about the grinder. Go to the beach! 

  • Is it true that to froth the milk properly, i need to move my hand up and down?
    Only if every morning you do do 100 squats. Up and down! Up and down! 

  • Is it true that fridge preserve the coffee better? 
    Only if you sit into the fridge beside the coffee, otherwise the coffee will feel lonley. Pls, never store coffee in the fridge!

  • Is it true that in professional coffee tasting, you need to put sugar in it?
    Nope. Before to add the sugar, you must fry the coffee. That's how professional coffee tasting goes.

  • Your coffee supplier swear to you that he is providing his best coffee blend, but when you prepare your coffee, it smells like your tyre shop? 
    Oh. i always wanted to smell tires in my coffee! 

No fear!

We know how to solve every coffee issue and we can provide a professional training for baristas, roasters, green coffee quality managers, professional coffee tasters.

Our motto is: "Only those with knowledge choose, otherwise they believe they choose" .

We regularly organize SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), professional training session in:

  • Barista

  • Green Coffee

  • Roasting

  • Sensory

  • Brewing

  • Coffee Marketing

Send us an email and we'll tell you "where and when" for the next training!