Barbarossa "Miscela 1" - 100% Arabica.

Grounded coffee for Moka / Filter.


Five selected origins from Latin America perform great in every stovetop coffee maker / moka pot, and in every filter coffee machines.

Very sweet and fragrant coffee, perfect for your good morning coffee and for your office break.



  • 8.8 Oz

  • Vacuum brick

  • Coffee particles laser measured

Roasting: Medium / Light.

Suitable for:

  • Stovetop coffee maker / Moka Pot

  • Professional filter coffee maker

  • Home filter coffee maker

  • Aeropress

  • V60


Aromatic scents of of:

  • Roasted bread

  • Mango Lime

  • Sweet cocoa

  • White flowers


Black, with or without sugar.

Great mouthfeel if mixed with milk.


Blend 1 Barbarossa Fresh ground for Moka, it is a Bio / Organic certified product .

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Specialty Coffee.

Bologna, Italy.


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