Barbarossa "Awesome" coffee pods. 

Barbarossa "Awesome" coffee pods lands in every pods coffee machines.

Made for professional use and demanding home consumption.

Due to the 7,3 grams of coffee inside each pods, the cup will result rich, full bodied and very aromatic.



  • 7,3 grams of coffee inside each pods.

  • Compostable.

  • Single sealed.

  • Protective atmosphere.

Suitable for:

  • Every pods coffee machine.

  • Home/office espresso machine.

  • Professional espresso machine.

Available in:

  • Miscela Magnifica: 100% Arabica

    • Sweet and elegant coffee.

    • Medium / Light roast.

    • Aromatic scents of:

      • Roasted Bread

      • Mango Lime

      • Sweet cocoa

      • White flowers

  • Miscela Suprema: mostly specialty Robusta and a hint of arabica.

    • Strong and aromatic coffee.

    • Medium roast.

    • Aromatic scents of:

      • Dark chocolate

      • Vanilla

      • Hazelnut

      • Flowers

  • Miscela Incredibile - Decaf:

    • Intense and creamy coffee.

    • Medium roast.

    • Aromatic scents of:

      • Gianduja​ chocolate

      • Biscuits

      • Honey

      • Flowers





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