"Miscela Magnifica" Barbarossa - 100% Arabica.


Sweet, elegant and aromatic.

The different origins of Arabica coffee in Miscela Magnifica are expertly selected, roasted, blended and balanced to bring into your cup only the best of coffee.

Delicious cream, full body, very sweet.

Fine aromas are the signature of Barbarossa for "Miscela Magnifica"

Roasting: Medium / Light

Suitable for:

  • Professional espresso machine

  • Home espresso machine

  • Stovetop coffee makers / Moka pot

  • Professional filter coffee maker

  • Home filter coffee maker

  • Aeropress

  • V60


Aromatic scents of:

  • Toasted bread

  • Mango Lime

  • Sweet cocoa

  • White flowers


Thanks to the particularity of the raw materials and the uniqueness of the roasting process:

  • The beans are free from dangerous pesticides used in intensive coffee cultivation.

  • Easy to digest as fats and proteins are naturally present in small quantities.

  • During the roasting phase, the sugars are caramelized, never burnt.


The result is a sweet, fragrant and elegant cup.

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Specialty Coffee.

Bologna, Italy.


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