Barbarossa "Briliant" coffee capsules compatibles Lavazza Espresso Point* FAP.

Miscela Incredibile: Decaf.

Box of 50 single sealed capsules.


Intense and fragrant coffee, even if it's decaffeinated.


Aromatic scents of:

  • Gianduja
  • Cookies
  • Honey
  • Flowers




*The brand is not owned by Barbarossa nor by companies connected to it.

50 "Brilliant" coffee capsules Fap-LavazzaPoint* compatibles - Miscela Incredibile - Decaf

  • Store the capsules in a fresh and dry place.

    A tin is perfect.

    Keep away from direct exposure to heat and humidity.

    The pantry is a perfect place.

    Never store in the fridge.



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Specialty Coffee.

Bologna, Italy.


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