Barbarossa "Miscela Suprema": Mostly fine washed AA Robusta and a hint of Arabica. 


100% strong and aromatic coffee.

The different origins  selected for Barbarossa "Miscela Suprema" underline the peculiarities of his name.

Superlative blend from every point of view.

Coffee with a vivid body and a delicious cream, strong, intense aromatic elegance of Barbarossa.


Blend composed mostly of fine washed AA robusta and arabica from Brazil, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia and Kilimanjaro vulcan.

Roasting: Medium

Suitable for:

  • Professional espresso machine

  • Home espresso machine

  • Stovetop coffee makers / Moka pot

  • Professional filter coffee maker

  • Home filter coffee maker

  • Aeropress

  • V60


Aromatic scents of:

  • Dark chocolate

  • Vanilla

  • Hazelnut

  • Flowers


Thanks to the particularity of the raw materials and the uniqueness of the roasting process created by Barabrossa:

  • During the roasting phase, the sugars naturally contained in the coffee beans are caramelized and never burned.

  • Easily digestible as fats and proteins are naturally present in small quantities.


The result is a strong, fragrant and elegant cup.

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Specialty Coffee.

Bologna, Italy.


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